the tansetsu



Four persons or three of them

Shuji Ashihara

 I was coming down the riverside. There were two boys, and they were holding each other. I felt guilty as for seeing them. But, I wanted to stare at them well. Then, my eyes met one of boy's eyes. But they were still holding tightly. And I observed them well. They were twins whose lower half of the body stuck together.
 There was a woman who had the sex organs giving off fragrance. A certain writer novelized her life. The novel became one of the best sellers. Titled as "The flwer vagina". Isn't it a cruel title? But it is the name which is very easy to understand.
 Say the truth, my armpits have good smell, too. Then how about my sex organs? I rounded my back, and drew a nose to my sex organs. It was a happening in the hot spring of the destination. In the open-air bath, no one was there except for me. But my sex organs didn't smell. The sulfur smell of the hot spring might disturb it. And probably because my nose didn't reach to my sex organs. My body was so stubborm. If there was good smell there, it would be named "The flower pipe". As I thought so far, I began to laugh.
 I was looking around on the bridge. An eared owl was drowned in the river. What a silly feI1ow! Maybe, he stood on end in the surface of the water. As for such a thing, he had to be again overtumed. The moment I thought it, the owl was overtumed and stood on the water. Therefore, he could jump into the air. It was as I said. Then I stuck out my tongue. And the owl stuck out his tongue to me. He had a black tongue which was very sharp.
 I visited the artistic exhibition. It was the very good and fine exhibition. But all of artists were unknown to me. Probably, they were all newcomers. On the exit, a naked boy was standing, He didn't move like an object. I stopped, and looked at him well. Only his Adam's apple moved a little. I wanted to touch him. Ahen! His belly was so soft and Warm.

(translated by author himself)
〈August 1999 Tokyo/Tokatsu session〉


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the tansetsu
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