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Shuji Ashihara

  Tansetsu is the novel which was written in only 800 characters of Japan. But, there is a big difference between Japanese characters and English. So, think like this. Tansetsu is the shortest novel. For example, as one-page or one-column.
  But, maybe you won't recognize it as the novel. Because it is too short. Then, we named it "tansetsu"as a form of new literature.
  Tansetsu is a thing like a haiku in the poetry, but in the novel. In Japanese, haiku is announced in the party, and they enjoy and criticize it. Also, in the party which named "zakai", we read and criticize tansetsu.
  The literary movement of tansetsu began in autumn 1985. It is a new literary movement, but the tradition of Japanese literature is taken over richly.
  For example, the history of this short story "tansetsu" began from the"Konjaku- monogatri (now, long ago, a story)" was compiled in early 12th century in Japan. And, "Ise-story" was concluded in the Heian Period (8th century in Japan). This story is the accumulation of the little episode. And then, was described the all lives of "Poet Mr. Narihira". We recognize it, as an origin of "rensetsu". The "rensetsu" is composed with plural "tansetsu". We produced some wonderful "rensetsu" works and "tansetsu" works already, by the citizen, not a famous writer.
  Now, it passes through about 15 years. We can say that the pleasure of the creation of the novel was liberated to the general public.
  As for the thing that a novel creation is to look for an answer. What am I? Where am I? This method was liberated from the dictator's occupation. Now   we can participate in the creative activities freely. Anyone, all.
  A tansetsu is very little. But, the universe is contained in it. One lily flower is to be so.

  We want an American or an English person who lives around Tokyo and can help us for translation in Japanese to English. Make contact with e-mail please.

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the tansetsu
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